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Organizational Happiness: Walking the Talk

Build a culture where employee happiness really matters. 

A professional development course through the
University for Peace

An institution established by the
UN General Assembly

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March 28- April 25, 2023

5-week live virtual course

Only 15 spots available

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A certificate from the University for Peace, established by the UN General Assembly

March 28- April 25, 2023

5-week online course

Only 15 spots available

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A certificate from the University for Peace, established by the UN General Assembly

This live virtual course on implementing Organizational Happiness has been developed for anyone who manages a team, leads an organization, or works in HR.

What will you get from this 5-week course?

Practical tools to create a culture of well-being within your organization

Ability to lead your organization or another through an Organizational Happiness process

An understanding of how to measure and monitor employee engagement

Build deep relationships and network with a robust group of international leaders across sectors

Creation of an Organizational Happiness plan for your workplace

A certification in Organizational Happiness from the Centre for Executive Education within the United Nations established University for Peace

And that's not all! Each participant will also receive:

A 1-1 coaching session on their Organizational Happiness plan

The 220-page Organizational Happiness book (pdf version)

3 months of free usage of Motivational Landscape tool

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Interactive sessions and compelling content

Live sessions will be held every Tuesday from March 28th till April 25th, 2023.

  • Week 1: The Science of Happiness & Real Employee Engagement
  • Week 2: The Happiness Sweet Spot: Purpose, Strengths & Compassion
  • Week 3: How to Measure, Monitor, and Act on Organizational Happiness
  • Week 4: Your Organization's Business Case
  • Week 5: Putting it All Together: From Strategy to Action

The investment

The course cost is $750. We offer flexible payment plans should it be helpful. Write us at for more details! **Enroll with a friend a receive a 10% discount**

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100% of participants love the interactive zoom sessions

95% of participants felt that the learning outcomes were achieved

100% of participants would recommend this course to a friend

100% of participants love the online learning platform

95% of participants felt the learning outcomes were achieved

100% of participants would recommend this course to a friend

Words from those who've done it (and loved it)

"In times when life gets complicated and results are demanded in the workplace, Organizational Happiness is the perfect course to give you the tools to make a happier, emotionally safe place for your team. This leads to more productive employees who are creative, enthusiastic and happy.

- Gabriela Perez, School Principal, Dominican Republic

"An intensive training about creating a culture where happiness is essential to both the organization and the employees. Learn about it, get the frameworks and design it to work for you. I love the practical approach of this workshop."

- Franklin Castro, Regional Business Solutions Manager at GBM, Costa Rica

Meet the Facilitator

Lars Kure Juul is an International Trusted Advisor, Author, HR Executive and Talent Management Expert working out of Copenhagen with a wide range of Leaders, International Organisations and Institutions across the globe.

Lars’ educational background is a Masters of law from University of Copenhagen and HR, Leadership & Talent Management from INSEAD and Harvard Business School. Lars is the author of the #1 International bestselling book, Organizational Happiness on creating a unique competitive advantage with a focus on Purpose, Strengths and Compassion. Lars is also the author of HR Fitness on Strategy into Action with effective HR strategy and processes. 

Lars mission and WHY is “To Inspire, Facilitate And Help So That People And Organisations With Important Missions Develop, Aspire And Succeed."

The University for Peace, an institution established by the UN General Assembly

The world looks to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems everywhere; from ending conflict and alleviating poverty, to combating climate change and defending human rights. As a UN-established institution, the University for Peace works tirelessly to contribute to world peace and progress. Our professional development programs give you the skills to have positive impact on this world, contributing directly to this mission.

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