It cannot be weighed, shipped or held yet it is traded and worth trillions of dollars.

What is it ?

Learn the science behind how brands are creating customer connections in a new world.

A professional development course through the
University for Peace.

An institution established by the
UN General Assembly.

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TBD 2022

A 4-week live virtual course

Only 15 spots available

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A certificate from the University for Peace, established by the UN General Assembly

There are 6,500 languages spoken in the world today but the most important you will ever learn is available here to you now. 

What will you get from this 4-week course?

Learn through a unique method how to build your compelling brand story around intangible values.

Close communication with your course facilitator to gain crucial, personalized feedback

Develop a keen awareness of opportunities to connect the brand ideals with customers.

Build deep relationships and network with a robust group of international leaders across sectors

Increase your understanding of what defines the brand and how to consistently express it.

A certificate from the Centre for Executive Education within the United Nations established University for Peace

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Structure and Session Topics

Live sessions will be held TBD.

Course modules:

• Module 1: How intangible values are defining the success of global brands.

• Module 2: How to build your brand architecture on Intangience™.

• Module 3: How to develop an emotional connection with your brand.

• Module 4: How to redefine your business and uncover new opportunities.

• Module 5: How to develop brand characteristics based upon understanding a costumers core values.

• Module 6: How to create an organic message and shift perspectives.

• Module 7: How to transform a complex concept into a commonly understood experience.

• Module 8: How to create a brand differentiation when none exists.

• Module 9: How to understand and develop the science of human connection.

• Module 10: How to build a consistent and meaningful brand purpose.

The Investment

A full immersion into the Intangience™ Branding Methodology is available to you for $750 USD.

We offer flexible payment plans should it be helpful. Write us at for more details! **Enroll with a friend and receive a 10% discount**

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100% of participants love the interactive zoom sessions

95% of participants felt that the learning outcomes were achieved

100% of participants would recommend this course to a friend

100% of participants love the online learning platform

95% of participants felt the learning outcomes were achieved

100% of participants would recommend this course to a friend

Words from those who've done it (and loved it)

"In times when life gets complicated and results are demanded in the workplace, Organizational Happiness is the perfect course to give you the tools to make a happier, emotionally safe place for your team. This leads to more productive employees who are creative, enthusiastic and happy.

- Gabriela Perez, School Principal, Dominican Republic

"An intensive training about creating a culture where happiness is essential to both the organization and the employees. Learn about it, get the frameworks and design it to work for you. I love the practical approach of this workshop."

- Franklin Castro, Regional Business Solutions Manager at GBM, Costa Rica

The University for Peace, an institution established by the UN General Assembly

The world looks to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems everywhere; from ending conflict and alleviating poverty, to combating climate change and defending human rights. As a UN-established institution, the University for Peace works tirelessly to contribute to world peace and progress. Our professional development programs give you the skills to have positive impact on this world, contributing directly to this mission.

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We've run courses with:

Meet the Facilitator

Ernie Ross - Founder ReThink Agency

His trademarked methodology is based upon a body of work and strategies that have won hundreds of awards, been validated and offered as a certificate course by the U.N. established University for Peace, noted in publications such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review.

The methodology has also been featured on AdAge and CNN platforms and been lauded by heads of major corporations. Ernie is the founder of a leading innovation agency and teaches his Intangience™   methodology around the world where it has been translated into several languages.

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